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Long Hair - Is it worth the Trouble?

Many women get stuck in a certain hairstyle and hold on to it over the years. Just like breaking a beloved habit, it is just as hard to consider oneself with a different look and perhaps a radically different length.
Long hair has been praised as the symbol of female beauty for millennia, but do we really have to go through all the trouble to look and feel beautiful, desired and in harmony?
cutting long hair What was a sign of liberation in the 60s and a sign of spiritual power in many old cultures does not have the same meaning in our society. Today it is seems to be much more of a liberating statement to chop off the locks and to enjoy the easy maintenance of a sassy and sexy short haircut.
If you are still making up your mind whether to go long or short - here is some food for thought:
Short hair fits better to an active lifestyle. Daily maintenance is quick, painless and for most modern styles very easy. Forget about combing out the tangles in your long hair.
Clothes and jewelry stand out more with short hair. That means you can have more fun accessorizing your look and playing with lots of different fun fashion items. Long hair hides trendy scarves and jewelry just drowns in voluminous manes. Long hair and collars do not mix well. Especially when it comes to a professional look, blouses with collars are one of the essential pieces. No one can see a collar under long hair, unless it is in a ponytail. The same goes for the very trendy turtlenecks and ruffled styles.
One could say that with long hair you miss out on a lot of fashion fun. Of course there are upstyles, back-styles and other away from the face and neck hairstyles, but do you really want to go through all that trouble every single day?
I have to admit that I am wearing my hair long but more and more often I am deliberating the shorter choices and feel little shivers of excitement just thinking about a tangle-free future. Did you ever try to brush your hair after a ride in a convertible and forgetting your elastic scrunchy or hat? How about getting it dry again after a workout or a swim? Just imagine the new lightness of being!
Years ago my hair was short and I went back and forth between pixie and bob styles which I enjoyed extremely. But then I worked in the real world, attended meetings and saw many people everyday. Now I work at home and the only one who sees me during my active hours is my cat, who could not care less what happens on my head and which clothes I am wearing. Hairstyling got reduced to a quick brush and then either a long braid or a loose and very casual bun. Not very fashionable and perhaps by the time I will discover the next split ends, the end of the mane might be near.
We often forget that we do not wear our hair for the pleasures and eye-candy of others, but for ourselves. It is supposed to make us feel good and its care and maintenance should not overtake our lives but be easy. Just imagine how you would feel and how your life would be like with a different and perhaps much shorter hairstyle. Make your decisions well informed, take your time and you will be surprised about what a difference those scissors can make!
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