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Eighties Hairstyles and Short Haircuts (2)

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The short haircuts of the eighties should really make a come back. This was when the term feathering came on the scene. Once again, we can thank Farah for her feathered look. It went from long hair to short hair to short, short hair and we were still feathering. Everything was feathering, and that is the term we heard continually throughout the eighties in every salon. Just to give you a typical example of a daily conversation with a young client seeking a feathered haircut, would go something like this:
Hairstylist: (smiling sweetly)“Hello dearie, how are you doing today, and what can I do for you?”
Client: (looking a little fearful) “Do you know how to feather? I’d like to have my hair feathered all over.”
Hairstylist: “ Ok, how much length would you like to have off?”
Client: “I’m not sure, yet.”
Hairstylist: (holds up some hair) “maybe about this much?”
Client: (horrified) “No, not that much.”
Hairstylist: “Did you know, there are different types of feathering?”
Client: “What do you mean?”
Hairstylist: “Everything depends upon how much you decide to have taken off, if you have your hair cut shorter, your hair will glide smoother when you use the blow dryer and brush it. If you keep it longer, you will have an entirely different look and you will have to use a curling iron and it will be more of a roll, than a feather.”
Client: “Will my hair look feathered like Farah‘s?”
Hairstylist: (smiling sweetly)“Yes, your hair can resemble Farah’s, if that is what you would like.”
At night all I could hear in my mind, were the words f-e-a-t-h-e-r-e-d or f-e-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-g, because, that is all I heard in the daytime. Who invented that term anyway? I’ll tell you who, it was Jose Eber who gave Farah that infamous haircut for $500.00 a whack! Feathers, if my memory recollects, has something to do with a bird, not hair! No offense Mr. Eber, but I’d like to know the connection with birds to hair or feathers to hair? Was there a link to the terms featherbrain or birdbrain when styling the hair?
And so it went. What is the secret to feathering? Layering of course, then using the blow dryer and the use of a round brush to direct the hair into the round look, moving away from the face. Afterwards, you glide your hair through the hair and presto, you are one feathered baby! Feathering was considered an ultra smooth look. Look, at the Donald! He’s still “feathering” his hair! Speaking to all hairstylists right now, wouldn’t we love to get our hands on his hair! He’s not about to give up his trademark look at this time in his life! Even if we were to promise him, we could make him look at least a whopping ten years younger at that!
I for one, would love to see the eighties short coifs come back into style. It is remarkable the way a woman, stands out in a crowd when she has a clever stylish haircut, and if you think about it, everyone remembers the lady with the short smart coif. They do not remember the one who had her hair sloppily twined up in a hair comb or falling down her back. Which way would you like to be remembered? We only have one chance to make that good first impression.