Long-Layered Feathered Shag Hairstyle

Shag hairstyle
Photo: Catalin Petolea/Shutterstock
Q: Hello: I once saw somewhere on the net, a complex diagram of cutting instructions of a long-layered, feathered shag hairstyle (à la Farrah Fawcett, circa the 1970s).
Despite extensive research, I've not been able to find this sketch, nor any similar design examples. Can you help in any way? I would very much appreciate any assistance.

A: The "Farrah" hairstyle is actually pretty easy to describe and illustrate, but requires some effort and practice to effectively execute. The diagram here shows the proper elevation and cutting line for the long shag cut.
But in order to ensure an accurate, precise cut, make sure that you work with smaller sections of the hair at one time. The biggest mistake that most people make is trying to cut too much hair at once.
When dealing with long hair, the hair can become unwieldy unless the sections are kept small. This means the cut can take longer to complete, but the results are worth it. You have to be vigilant about the elevation and cutting line as well.
Long shag haircut
Don't let yourself get lax, because if you don't keep the hair perfectly elevated, or allow the cutting line to shift, you can end up with more bulk at the bottom of the hairstyle and an uneven look.
Be sure to cross-check the haircut as you go. Take segments of hair from matching positions on each side of the head and bring them up to a central point on the head. These segments should be even in length when compared to one another. If they aren't, it means that your cut is uneven.
Finally, if the hair needs additional texturing after the cut, you should use the point-cutting technique to feather the hair ends and give a softer look. This helps to give visual interest, where simple thinning shears would only remove bulk and be less visible.
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