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Dressing Up Men's Hair (3)

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Long Hair
It’s pretty much the standard that men who have long hair should gather the hair into a clean, simple ponytail for formal occasions. Ply the hair with styling gel and smooth it across the scalp to gather at the nape of the neck and secure it with a black or brown band. This is usually more than sufficient if the look results in a ponytail or around 4 to 5 inches in length.
long hairstyle for men However, some guys with long hair have issues with the thickness of their ponytails when they wear them. A lot of times, the hair tends to fray as you go down the length of the tail. Even with styling product this leaves the look less than would be desired. There are also the guys whose hair is SO long that it is more of a horse’s tail than that of a pony. So, whether your tail looks skimpy at the ends or is so long it swings all over when you move, here’s a tip that can make your mane more manageable in a dressed up style.
Take and style the hair as discussed above, but when you’ve created the tail, take some black or brown ribbon or cording and braid it into the tail. Use a length of the ribbon or cord equal to four times the length of your ponytail. You may need help unless you are practiced with braiding your own hair. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.
Tie the material around the band securing your ponytail so that the ends left hanging are equal. Then separate the tail into two separate sections. Use the material as your third section and create a simple braid. Braid the hair with the material until you get to the end of the hair and then use a second band to secure the end of the hair and material in the braid.
Next, take your braid and fold it in half under itself so that the bands securing the braid are together. Use a clip or pin to hold them in place while you finish the hair. Take the ends of the material you incorporated into the braid and wrap them around the hair in the opposite directions. One should go around to the left and the other around to the right. Do this until there is just enough left to tie the ends together on the underside of the braid. Try not to build up the wrapped portion too much, but keep the layers even.
When you’ve secure the material and the braid, remove your pin or clip and ‘viola!’ you have a neatly kempt braid that looks chic and masculine. You can mist the braid with hairspray and gently pat down any fly-away strands if necessary.
All in all, you must remember that your true goal in dressing up your hair is to create a look that says “I made an effort to look presentable, because I care about the image I am presenting.” If you make even these little bits of effort, you’ll feel better about the way you look and will make your date even more thrilled to be with the most dashing man in the room.
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