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Other than in nature, where male birds show off the most outrageous plumage, the human world is just the opposite. Women usually give more attention to their hair. They love creative hairstyles and colors together with accessories and special effects, while men take a more neutral and pragmatic approach. How do women feel about men's hairstyles and what types of hairstyles do women like on men?
man and woman with modern haircuts The answer is of course as multifaceted as the people and genders involved and there is no clear outline or a complete perfect list of „to do“ and „not to do“, but we can look at some tendencies that stand out.
Change is Good
A friend's husband has had the same haircut since she met him, 20 years ago. Now, after looking through old family pictures she found out that he already had the very same cut at the age of 7. He is one of many men who show an incredible loyalty to their haircut. This kind of dedication is admirable, but a little change every now and then brings more spice to life and who knows what it may kindle.
Men, please do not fear transformation. You do not have to wear one single hairstyle all your life, because your dad's barber gave it to you a long time ago. Your 20 year old suit won't look good on you anymore either.
The new hairstyles for men are especially fantastic because they are so very flexible and one cut can be styled in many ways from bad boy to clean cut banker.
Long or short
Oh, Tarzan... oh, Casanova and oh, Jonny Depp. Long locks on handsome gents have always enchanted the female inhabitants of the world. Long hair speaks of romance, adventure, free spirited attitude and untamed virility. And yes, what is not to love! Long hair is extremely seductive and women love to play with it.
  • middle aged man with a modern haircut
  • young man with messy short hair
  • businessman with a buzzed head
  • man with a ponytail
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Long hair for men has become more and more socially acceptable in the past decades and has moved from a rebellious statement into the world of high fashion for men. Along with the length of course comes the ponytail. Some call it rat-tail and it appears that it is either a „love-it“ or a „hate-it“ reaction that women have towards it.
Male ponytails can be classy as seen on Karl Lagerfeld or mysterious and romantic as on Brad Pitt in the movie „Interview with the Vampire“. Just do not let your ponytail look sloppy and unkempt. If you have more skin on your head than hair and use the few last strands to shape a pencil thin something in your neck – might as well just shave it off and be a proud bald man, perhaps with one of the hot little goatees!
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