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Dressing Up Men's Hair (2)

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{Special Note to those who keep their heads shaved: If you are going to need to shave your head the day of an event, it’s always best to do it as soon as possible during the day. This way in the event that something unfortunate happens (such as a nick of the scalp) you don’t have to worry about going to the event with a bandage plaster on your head.
If you do nick yourself when shaving the scalp the day of an event, here’s a tip. Use tissue or bandage plaster to stop the bleeding, and when getting ready for the event, remove the plaster and apply a thin coating of liquid bandage (or you can use rubber cement) and allow it to dry. Then use a powder concealer or foundation makeup (that matches your scalp’s skin tone) to cover the nick. Use gentle patting motions with an applicator sponge or cotton pad and don’t overdo it. You just want to make it less noticeable, not create a whole new finish to the scalp.
Every man who shaves his head should have a bit of cosmetic cover-up and some liquid bandage or rubber cement on hand. You never know when they can be handy.}

Mid-Length Hair:
mid-length hairstyle for men Like short hairstyles, these styles vary as well. However, the options aren’t as easily defined by lengths or specific style types, because people who opt for mid-length styles are generally those who need the extra length for various reasons – even if it’s just esthetic. So let’s talk a few common traits among mid-length hairstyles and the tips to dress them up.
Curly Hair:
Many men keep their hair in the mid-range because they have curly or wavy hair and like their curls. These looks are generally created out of necessity. Some hair types just have a mind of their own. You can tame them (somewhat) but you cannot truly control them. For these folks, here are a couple of options:
Depending on the specific cut, you can use a strong gel or wax pomade to plaster the hair to the scalp and smooth it along the sides of the head, carefully leaving curls intact to accentuate the look. This can be a fun way to dress-up your look, and can give you as much variety as possible in your styling.
Option two in this situation comes into play if your curls are simply too determined to be what they are. In these cases, stick with your normal style, but make sure to keep it as well-groomed as possible. Use a lightweight mousse or gel and work it into the hair. (If you can apply your product before the hair is dry, even better.) Let the hair dry naturally so that the curls stay crisp and smooth. Make any arrangements to the hair’s placement before it dries completely, to lessen the chance of the hair becoming frizzed.
These options allow the curly-haired to look well-kempt and present a dressed-up image.
Straight/Wavy Hair:
Those with straight or simply wavy hair can generally style their hair into the swept-back style for a dressier look. Use styling gel or pomade to smooth the hair back across the scalp. If necessary, carefully trim the perimeter (around the ears, and nape area) to create that clean finish once the body of the hair is securely styled. Allow the hair to dry and then lightly mist with hairspray to smooth down any fly-away strands that might mar the finished style.
If the hair is at the longer end of the mid-length spectrum, try fastening the hair at the nape area into a small pony knot. Center the gathering point at the occipital bone and use a black or brown band to secure the hair. Otherwise do everything else the same. This will help longer lengths to have added stability and ensure that the hair is less likely to “break free” during the evening.
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