Pink's Hairstyles

Pink is an American singer and songwriter, born on September 8th 1979.
  • Pink wearing her hair short with spiking
  • Pink's short hairstyle
  • Pink - Blonde hair with buzzed sides

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Her songs and her hairstyle have something in common - they are empowering and make you want to dance. She has had endless variations of short punky haircuts and is known for her edgy platinum blonde hairstyles. The color is fairly consistent but there have been excursions into neon colors, especially, of course, pink.
Especially remarkable are her asymmetrical haircuts or a Mohawk look with tightly braided cornrows along the sides. Longer top hair, a long side fringe, a razor short neck and back part were the elements of another delightfully rebellious cut. But besides all of the punk influence there is also a lot of fashion and a great feeling for style.
Pink looks absolutely stunning in Marilyn Monroe type diva looks, but of course these need an extra edge too, which comes in with the color. Her expressive, beautiful face comes out best with short crops and we can be sure to be seeing more of them in the future.
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