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Handsome Pelts for Winter Faces (2)

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Is a medium beard the choice for you? You know that you are hot and don’t have to prove it. With your advanced schedule you need a low maintenance look that, as a side effect, protects your tender face from the icy winds of winter and of life.
Full Beard
Jake Gyllenhaal A confident Jake Gyllenhaal shows his confidence and maturity with a full face of hair. A full beard that is. Soft to the touch and covering almost half of the face, a full beard is the choice of the grown up, masculine and self assured male. Not left solely any longer to professors, actors and pipe smoking chess players, the full beard is now a fashion statement for any man who is looking for new ways to express himself.
Can you pull off a full beard? Then you have a sense for sophistication, daring and self assured at the same. You also know that even a full beard needs maintenance and regular brushings. No one wants to find cookie crumbs in your facial hair.
Celebrities and fashion conscious men prove that facial hair is celebrating a revival in classic and creative shapes with a lot of charisma. The greatest thing about this ultimate fashion statement is that it is absolutely free!