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Q: I am in search for a 1930s men's hairstyle, and I was wondering if you could help. I just recently saw the new movie with Johnny Depp called "Public Enemy" in which he portrays John Dillinger. I noticed a lot of the men's hairstyles in that movie were unique in the way the hair was cut.
The sides and the back were blended, and the top was left fairly long. Is there a name for that hairstyle? I really like that look and was wondering if there are any pictures on the web that I could access to compare styles so I could choose the one I like best. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

A: The general name for this most classic of men's cuts is the "Short Back and Sides" meaning that the key elements considered MOST crucial to looking neat and "clean cut" were that the hair was carefully tapered – often to the skin in what has later been called a "fade" – at the perimeter of the cut.
The taper flares at the parietal ridge on the sides and at the occipital bone in the crown and is graduated to its maximum length at the top of the head.
The specific lengths involved usually varied with the individual, with only the "to the skin" tapering at the lower perimeter (around the ears and in the neck area) being a constant element. The length of the top section is typically longest at the forehead, and this is generally used as the guide by which the rest of the hair is balanced.
Men's haircut
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The diagram shows the basic lengths and angles used in creating this hairstyle. Remember that minor adjustments can be made to modernize this look and to incorporate more modern facial hair styling as well.
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