Marilyn Monroe Hair Style

Marilyn Monroe - wax statue
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Q: Hello! My name is Alexa and ever since I was ten (I am now sixteen) and saw Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe has been my idol. My hair is the same length hers was, and I have the same platinum blonde hair, though mine is natural, but I don't know how to style it like she does.
I love the 1950s classic look, but need help. How can I style my hair like hers without going to a salon? Pin curling or rollers? Thank you so much!

A: Most of the hairstyles I have seen on Marilyn Monroe from her heyday are classic roller sets that possibly include pin-curls at the nape area and just below the temples.
Marilyn's classic look is rolled using on-base placement of the rollers for maximum volume, and uses medium-sized rollers. Depending on the exact length of your hair, a good rule of thumb is to select rollers that allow the hair to wrap around the roller one and one half times to a maximum of two times.
For a long-lasting style, set the hair using styling gel. Apply the gel liberally to towel-dried hair and wrap the hair around the rollers in whatever pattern you desire. Keep in mind that using asymmetrical roller patterns will give you a more natural looking style.
The rollers at the perimeter of the hair (around the face and at the forehead) are usually rolled forward toward the face, while those rollers behind them are wound backward toward the crown and nape of the neck.
The hair should be dried using a bonnet dryer on medium heat and once dry, the hair should be allowed to cool fully before being taken down. You can also allow the hair to dry naturally, but this may take more time than you have available.
Once the hair is dry, remove the rollers and use a wide-tooth comb to break-up and soften the curls, then use a round brush to finish the hairstyle to your preference. Use a misting of hairspray to set the finished style and give extra durability.
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