Seductive Hair

Woman playing with her long hair
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Q: What are the secrets of seductive hair? I realize that a woman's hair is an element of seduction. The problem is that, being a girl, I can't imagine what I must do with my hair to seduce boys or men.
Do guys prefer long or short hair on girls? Are there any elements that will make a hairstyle more seductive?

A: The ideas of what men find seductive are as varied as the men out there. Some men are drawn to a woman with long wavy tresses, while others find a mass of curls to be irresistible. Some men think women with super short hair are ultra-sexy, while others think it all depends on the individual.
And actually, these men are the most correct (there is no real right or wrong answer). Seduction, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, but it is also in the intent of the woman displaying herself. So, literally, any hairstyle can be seductive if you work it that way.
Your best bet is to figure out what you like best about your looks and emphasize that. Find styles that flatter your face and features and make you feel beautiful. Once you feel pretty, you'll be more confident and, trust me, confidence is really seductive. Do you like your eyes? Then try a look with wispy bangs that frames your eyes and makes them stand out.
Is your hair your crowning glory? Then let the tresses flow and shine, and keep them smooth and silky. Heck, even if you simply think your ears are cute, you can part your hair on the side and tuck the hair on the passive side behind an ear and show it off.
The possibilities are endless.
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