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Ponytail and Hair Length

Q: How long does your hair have to be, before you can tie it back in a ponytail?
A: Well, at least this is a simple question. In order to tie the hair back into a ponytail, it has to be long enough that the hair furthest from the point at which you want the ponytail to be located will reach beyond that point.
For example, if you want to have a ponytail at the nape of the neck, then the hair at your forehead has to be long enough to go around or over the skull and reach that point in back and extend a little past so that you can secure it with an elastic band. The hair at the back of the head in this case doesn't have to be as long as the hair in front, but should still be long enough that you can direct it to and beyond the point at which you form the ponytail.
hairstyle with a ponytail
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The length of the hair at the various points on the head will determine the finished look of the ponytail, of course. If your hair is shorter in back and long enough in front to pull back into a ponytail you'll end up with a stubby, short ponytail. If your hair is all uniform lengths all over the head and you pull it back, the ponytail will taper to a point at the end. And if the hair is long and blunt cut in an angle (longer toward the front) you can end up with a ponytail that is blunt-ended.
Just remember that you need to use snag-safe ponytail elastics to prevent pulling and breaking the hair. This will keep you from having ragged looking hair after wearing the ponytail.
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