Professional Short Hair and Glasses

Professional woman with short hair and glasses
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Q: Is short hair professional? I work in a bank, and my present hair style is straight and just over shoulder length with bangs. I'm addicted to glasses. I have 12 different pairs of glasses in different colors and styles to fit different clothes or occasions.
I would like to draw more attention to my beautiful glasses, and I think that a supershort haircut with super short bangs would be the perfect way to accomplish this. Am I right? Or should I do something else with my hair?
I never had short hair, but I'm ready to sacrifice my long locks for this fashion experiment. I think I would look stunning with very short hair and my fashionable glasses. My only concern though is that it might not be professional. My husband is ready for it, but I don't want to get in trouble at work.

A: Short hair styles can be extremely professional. In fact, many shorter styles are more professional-looking than longer ones, because the hair appears kempt, neat and not too fussy.
And short hair can be as versatile as any other fashion statement. By adding (or down-playing) wave and curl and volume, you can take a business look from the boardroom to the dining room of your favorite restaurant on a date night.
However, before you go for a super-trendy look, you might check with the Human Resources department of your bank and ask about any guidelines the bank requires of its employees regarding shorter hair.
Such restrictions are not that common in this day and age, but some companies do have some restrictions based on the image they wish to project (usually regarding fashion colors or hair adornments such as accent colors and things like feather extensions or accessories).
Once you know the guidelines, talk to your stylist about your options and what he/she thinks would flatter you best. Bring in several pairs of your glasses, so you can try them out and get just the right look for the most versatility.
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