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Side-swept Bangs

Q: I want to have the stylish side-swept bangs, but it's impossible. I have a natural (stubborn) part down the middle of my head and when I try to part my hair to the side, it springs out away from my hair and won't flatten. I also possess a cowlick which won't straighten itself out even though my hair is about an inch below my shoulder. How could I fix these problems and be able to have the bangs I want?
A: Many people have had chemical texture services such as a straightening service using a thio-based straightener to help overcome the difficulties presented by natural growth patterns such as cowlicks and pronounced parts in the hair.
hairstyle with side-swept bangs
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In your case, perhaps this will help you to coerce your hair to lay the way you want. The straightener would be applied to the hair as it is being combed with the type of part you want (or used to isolate the fringe area and encourage it to hang forward and not part. It would also help to coerce the cowlick to lie down against the forehead as well.
In addition, this - in combination with your stylist's assistance and input - should enable you to get the style you are looking for. Just be aware that the new growth of hair after the chemical service will behave according to the hair's natural tendencies and you will need to have retouch services to maintain the effect in many cases.
Be sure to discuss with him or her exactly what you want out of the resultant style and take photos of what you'd like for your own hair rather than relying on descriptions that may or may not be translated the same in each of your minds.
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