The Neckline Language Decoded

Different necklines for women
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You have a big day coming up next week and I am sure you want to look your fabulous self. You’re probably in the search for that ultimate dress that will make you look gorgeous. But before you go for shopping, don’t forget to know what kind of necklines suit and flatter you.
You often hear your friends (and yourself) complain that you bought the most gorgeous dress in the world but it still doesn’t look “perfect” on you. Well, the culprit is right there - the neckline. Choosing the appropriate neckline is as important as choosing the right kind of dress. The proper neckline can make or break your look.
For the sake of simplicity, necklines can be categorized into Conservative Formal Neckline, Low Formal Necklines, and Casual Necklines.
I. Conservative Formal Necklines
These necklines are mostly high on the chest and don’t show any cleavage. These types of necklines are mostly suitable for women who have a smaller or average-sized bust.
1. Boat Neck:
Also called the bateau, this neckline has a wide cut and accentuates the collarbones. This number looks good on women whose neck and shoulders are well proportioned and also complement women who are pear-shaped.
2. Sabrina:
Made famous by Audrey Hepburn’s character of the same name in the movie, this neckline has a wide, shallow curve and stops just an inch or two from the collarbones. This type of neckline generally suits a sleeveless cut and is excellent for women who have a narrow neck and thin face. If it is a blouse, then wear it with an A-line or flared skirt.
3. Off-Shoulders:
The neckline is also called as portrait as women prefer this neckline when sitting for their portraits. It is similar to Sabrina, except that the cut is much lower to gives a flattering view of the skin, without showing the cleavage and goes off the shoulders. This neckline generally goes with a shawl to drape around the shoulders. This neckline suits all women and gives a more feminine and classic look.
4. Jewel Neck
This neckline is named jewel because it is often worn when one needs a background to highlight some jewelry. This neckline covers the whole chest till the base of the neck. This number always goes with a sleeveless and sleek cut dress. It is most suited for women with a slim and sleek body.
II. Low Formal Necklines
These necklines are low cut numbers to accentuate the cleavage. Wear these to social gatherings where you wish to become the head turner of the event.
1. Halter Neck:
A halter neck dress generally has two triangular points of the cloth that can be tied at the back of the neck. Generally this neckline is seen on a backless dress or blouses and gives a very flattering view of your shoulders, back, and cleavage. This number is well suited for slender women who are have a moderate to small chest size and have well toned arms.
2. Sweetheart Neck:
This neckline style flatters almost all body types. It is a cut resembling the bottom portion of a heart and creates the illusion of an elongated face and provides the perfect balance to women having larger proportions.
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