Short Hair and Being Feminine

Feminine short hair
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Q: Are girls with short hair less feminine?
A: Being feminine is a character-trait; definitely not dictated by the length of your hair. Halle Berry must be one of the most beautiful, feminine and undeniably gorgeous women alive, yet her hair is short and simple.
Emma Watson blossomed from her quintessential role as drab Hermione in the Harry Potter films, into one of the most coveted young-Hollywood actresses by simply standing out from the rest of the fledglings by chopping her hair into a unique and daring pixie-cut.
Femininity comes from within. Of course, society's stereotypical labelling does bear a lot of weight. If you view this question through the tinted lens of society's love of stereotyping, then yes, girls tend to look less feminine with short hair.
Fashion magazines and beauty contests tend to concentrate on beautiful girls with long hair, styled into golden curls or silkily straight tresses. Thus people end up judging a person by their appearance, based on certain stereotypical labels society teaches us to use as markers.
Does this mean that you will not be able to be seen as feminine with short hair by the society at large? No. It merely means that your intrinsic femininity and class will have to be of such a caliber that you cannot help but appear incontrovertibly female to the rare extent that your feminineness outshines any and all stereotypes.
Feminine pixie cut with texturized bangs
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There are women who laugh in the face of type casting and pigeonholing, with hair-lengths of less than three inches and enough self-confidence to conquer almost anything.
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