Gray Hair Q&A (2)

Gray hair locks
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How long will it take for my hair to go completely gray?
I am 82 years old and still have dark brown hair. Is there a reason for not graying?
If someone wanted to highlight gray hair, what would you suggest?
I have gray/white hairs at early age. Do you know any solutions for this problem?
I'm not happy with the highlights that have been used to cover my gray hair.
Is a sudden increase of gray hair between color retouches normal?
Is blue rinse for gray hair not made anymore?
Is it ok to use a tint remover when you want to go gray?
Is it possible to lowlight silver gray hair with steel gray for a darker gray result?
Is it safe to color your hair every 2 to 3 weeks, just at the roots, to cover the gray coming in?
Is there any known natural remedy (such as vitamins) which can reverse gray hair?
Is there any natural remedy for my yellowing temples?
Is there anything I can do to reduce the gray of my clipper cut hair?
Is there anything I can use on color resistant gray areas to help the dye grab?
Is there a safe way to color gray hair while pregnant?
I want to let my hair go gray. Is there a fast way to get the hair dye out?
I would like my gray hair to look like George Clooney's. Can you suggest a solution?
I would like to know if gray hair can be reversed or slowed down without coloring.
My gray hair turned yellow where my titanium glasses go. Why?
My gray temples do not color at all or come out very light. What can you suggest?
My hair color is going darker instead of gray. Why is this happening?
My hair is halfway gray from the tips to the middle. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
My hair is normally cut to a number 2. Can I dye hair this short?
My hair is snow white, but I detest those old lady white haircuts. Any advice?
My hair is strawberry blonde. What can I do during the transition to gray hair?
My white hair has a yellow tinge. How can I solve this?
Should I relax my gray curls or perm and color the rest of my hair?
What about using hair color to cover gray hair?
What are the steps in pre-softening gray hair before covering it?
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