Reverse Gray Hair

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Q: I would like to know if gray hair can be reversed or slowed down without coloring.
A: There are literally scores of products out there on the internet that claim to reverse the graying of the hair by supplementing herbs, vitamins, minerals and other purported "shortages" in the body.
However, none of these products offers anything more than anecdotal evidence to support their claims, meaning that they only have "testimonials" from people who claim that the product worked for them, and offer no hard evidence or scientific studies to validate their products' effectiveness.
The generation of gray hair, known professionally as canities, is a result of genetic programming in most cases, and develops as a result of aging. In some cases, gray hair can result from prolonged periods of stress, illness and poor nutrition.
In cases where the gray hair is a result of stress or medical and dietary causes, resolving the issues causing the hair to gray will sometimes result in the hair returning to its natural pigmentation levels. However, most of the time, once the hair has gone gray, it is gray for good.
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