Color Gray Hair When Pregnant

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Q: Is there a safe way to color gray hair while pregnant? (assuming the coloring does not turn hair gray faster, as per this question). I am Asian and have dark black hair, so the stark contrast of the gray is very noticeable.
And now that I seem to have so much new gray, I'm very concerned as my hair will no longer look black but almost all gray if I allow it to grow out. I'm desperate as I don't want to be seen with gray hair, especially not when pregnant.
I saw one question on your site about coloring hair while pregnant, but the response didn't say whether or not it was safe. Please, please, please help with any advice you can offer - this matter has gotten me so upset that it's been causing me a lot of stress.

A: Given your pregnancy it is possible that the developing gray is a result of the hormonal shifts and stresses your body is undergoing. Since each individual is different, it is difficult to make certain how any specific person will respond to any set of circumstances.
As for the safety issues with hair color while pregnant, most professionals agree that in MOST cases the use of hair color is fine on pregnant women. However, the way the hair color responds may be different, since the hormonal shifts can include changes in the hair that leave it more resistant to moisture and chemical penetration. The hormonal changes can also mean that an individual is more sensitive to the chemicals in question and could have a sensitivity reaction of the skin.
There is also the hypersensitivity some women develop in their olfactory senses which makes the odors and scents associated with hair color processing unpleasant and in some cases intolerable.
I realize that it is difficult, but you should keep in mind that stress is a factor in developing gray hair, and the more you worry about the issue, the more you increase your stress levels. Simply, keep in the forefront of your mind that you want to keep your stress low, and that you'll cope with your hair color a step at a time.
If you are concerned that the graying hair has a less "natural" cause, speak to your doctor about possible causes and solutions he or she recommends.
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