Bohemian Hairstyle

Long hairstyle with a Bohemian look appearance
Photo: South House Studio/Shutterstock
Q: I would like to know how I get the latest bohemian hairstyle. I have long, straight, quite fine hair and just don't know how to even start to get the look - it looks like a mixture of scrunching and curling - please could you let me know what equipment, products and cut that I would need in order to create this look.
A: The most-trendy looks today fall into the "shaken" category, and call for the hair to be layered and texturized to give it lots of movement.
The hair is often blown-dry with a diffuser and lifted and dried at the scalp first for extra volume, and then styled using a large-barreled iron or using large Velcro rollers to create waves. The curled hair is then spritzed with a scrunching spray and scrunched to add definition to the curls. You can also use a smoothing serum to add gloss and shine to the hair.
I should point out that style and trends move slowly across geographic regions. Depending on where you live (what country, and in some cases even what state or region) the latest style may be vastly different. There is also the fact that there are many different styles that fall into the bohemian category.
My best recommendation is for you to find a photo of a specific style that you are interested in having and show it to your stylist. He or she can then advise you based on an examination of your hair and face and help you to create the look you are after.
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