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Anna Wintour's Bob

Anna Wintour attended the "After Miss Julie" Broadway Show Opening Night in New York on October 22nd, 2009. What an exciting time had by all!
Anna Wintour - Bob hairstyle that is curved around the jaws
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Anna wears her hair into a bob that is curved around her jaws and flows to connect together upon her chin. There are edged bangs that hang tight upon her eyebrows, so we can only see part of her cute face. Her hair has several shades of blondes, browns and caramel colors developed throughout her hairstyle.
We can also see that she is wearing a taupe eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A touch of blush and a light neutral rose whispers her completion.
Anna is wearing a light taupe frock that reveals her multicolored dress of turquoise, black and white and is topped with a heavy gold colored necklace.
Anna Wintour look with a rejuvenating bob
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