How To Get Shiny Hair

Woman with long shiny hair wearing a shiny top
Long glossy hair - Photo: Semachkovsky/Shutterstock
Everyone wants shiny hair. It is so pretty. Not everyone knows just how to get it. Who would have known that the vitamin E gives your hair that extra boost in its appearance to come across as shiny to the human eye?
Some foods that have the vitamin E are green vegetables and nuts. So go ahead and feel good about munching on these foods when you get the chance. Along with the right diet, hair also needs two essential fatty acids or EFAs. These are omega-3 and omega-6. The human body needs outside sources, because it does not initially produce essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are found a lot in cold-water fish and dark green vegetables.
I am a partial vegetarian and do not eat any types of meat, except for fish. I like eating tuna fish packed in water (which has as much omega-3 as tuna packed in oil) an it is healthy, too. Protein in tuna is also good for your hair, because your hair is made of protein and if you do not get enough your hair could become dry and brittle. It is not hard to get the essential fatty acids or protein into your diet and it is worth it. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can keep the hair moist from within and help it from becoming dull in appearance, too. Dry and brittle hair is not the desired effect, but shiny hair is the goal.
People do not even know why dull hair gets that way and they do not like it like that. Dull hair does get that way, because of build up by products. It is not that shampoos stop doing their job after some time. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will get rid of build up. First, shampoo locks in warm water. Then, rinsing locks in cold water after you are done shampooing and conditioning will make it shinier. Cold water forces the cuticle in locks to close.
Whenever the cuticle in locks is closed, it lies flat, so it reflects the light and looks shiny. A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer. Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle. Intact cuticle cells are smooth and glossy and reflect light from their surfaces.
Different types of hair, whether curly or straight, are just that different. Some people are lucky and were born with dead straight hair, and they are the ones to have shiny hair already. Tresses' texture can look great as long as it is in good condition. Condition of tresses can be improved by not using heat styling tools. I have one blow dryer and a straightening iron, but only use them on special occasions.
Most of the time, I wear my hair curly and do not blow dry my tresses or straighten them to keep my hair in good shape. However, curly hair usually has a porous surface. It does not reflect as much light as straight hair. I use Frizz-Ease shine serum. It is nice to my hair, and it gives the curls a smooth and soft effect and not a crunchy effect that strong hold gel would give.
Curly heads may need to use more of the products that claim to add shine to get the hair to appear glossy and the products will not weigh the curly locks down. Those with straight hair should go easy on the styling products that add shine, because too much product will be too heavy for the hair and make it look oily. People do not want their hair to look oily.
Shine products may be used on dry or damp hair. Use on towel-dried hair before blow drying it straight to prevent frizz and create smooth hair with a glossy finish. Use on dry hair to add extra shine to any style. I have long, curly hair and use liquid shine products, because it works best on long locks. You can distribute them through the hair with your hands, paying close attention to dry, problem spots, such as ends or at hair line. Shine products are a neat type of hair styling aid, because it greatly alters the appearance of glossiness to your locks. Any type of hair can look healthy.
Long and shiny brown hair
Long and shiny brown hair - Photo: Getty Images via canva
Shiny hair indicates good health. The last time that I went to the beauty salon, the hairstylist told me that my hair looks healthier than the other customers who she has seen lately. The hairstylist said their hair was bleached over and over again and just fried. I suppose I do not dye my hair as much as other ladies do. I know poor hair health can be the culprit of dull hair, so do not over dye your hair. A break is always needed. If you choose to dye your hair anyway, go ahead and dye it with L'Oreal Feria brand of hair dye. L'Oreal Feria has light reflectors in it and helps lend a shiny look or shimmering effect to the freshly colored locks. I used L'Oreal Feria before, and it looked natural, because it did not make the hair color look dull as does so many other hair dyes.
Some hair dyes deplete hair of moisture and do not do anything to keep shine or add shine to locks. So, look for words on the hair dye box, such as 'adds shine' or 'gives shimmering effect'. Those types of hair dyes that say they will make hair shiny throughout the color change process should do a good job. The results will be worth the extra time taken in carefully reading the box of hair color to be purchased.
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