Career Women Hairstyles

Career woman with shoulder length hair
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Q: What are good hairstyle choices for career women? Should I cut my hair short for a professional look or is long hair worn down a better idea?
I don't want to spend too much time on my hair, and I want a look that is neat and attractive, but not too seductive.

A: Most career women understand that there are two sides to life, and thus they opt for hairstyles that are transformable for various settings.
You may prefer a super-short power cut that says, "I'm a no-nonsense woman." But maybe you would be better served by a mid-length cut that could be pulled back to the nape in a neat chignon for the boardroom, swept up into an elegant twist for those business formal functions, and still worn loose and casual at the company picnic.
Simply put, it's all about the way you want to present yourself. My advice is to keep in mind that an individual who is able to adapt to her setting makes a stronger impression than one who seems to be the same no matter what is going on around her.
As for avoiding a look that is too seductive, you can manage that easily. There is always a line between attractive and seductive, since attractive is a common goal, while seductive is an intent that often requires more than a specific hairstyle to become blatant.
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