Hair Texture

Hair texture
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Hair texture is the measure of the circumference of the hair strand itself. Professionals classify the texture of hair as being "coarse", "fine", or "medium". Coarse hair has the largest circumference and fine hair has the smallest.
Medium texture indicates a middle-range of the size of the hair shaft. It's considered normal and poses no special considerations regarding processing and chemical services.
Coarse hair is stronger, for obvious reasons - it has more substance. However, coarse hair can also be harder to process, and can be resistant to hair coloring services, perming, and straightening.
Fine hair, conversely, is often very easy to process, and can be over-processed easily and is susceptible to damage from chemical services.
The different hair textures: fine, medium and coarse hair
Hair texture varies from individual to individual and can be different in separate areas of the same head. You may have coarse hair on the top of the head and fine hair at the nape of the neck.
Race and ethnicity are irrelevant in determining hair texture, as coarse, medium and fine hair can be found among all racial and ethnic groups.
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