SinCity by Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare!

Hair with clear shapes
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Opposites attract each other and leave room for creativity. Light and shadow. Youth and old age. Happiness and sadness. Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! and the creative team around Patricia Normann present SinCity, a spring hairstyles collection.
The haircuts are reduced to the bare essentials, thus bringing forward the individual style and expression. Skilled use of coloring techniques creates further contrasts that playfully enhance a natural complexion. A new innovative technique for highlights and strands produces truly extraordinary shine. The colors of the hair sections are consciously kept tone in tone and are easing subtly into the background while creating a balanced image.
Clear shapes and precise cutting contours lend an unmistakable character and own dynamic to the facial features. The reduced volume of the hair pushes the shape of the face and its features into the foreground. The hairstyle now represents the frame and enhances the expression of each individual personality. The focus is strictly guided to the triangle of the eye and mouth sections.
With the collection "SinCity" Patricia Normann and the team of Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! deliver a new interpretation of the 1930s hair cult.

Neck-Length Bob & Stylish Older Man

Stylish hairstyle for older men and a sleek neck-length bob
Hairstyle for older men with gray hair
His: This image proves that older men can be stylish. The men's traditional short back and sides gets an update with angled tapering at the sides and length on top to allow for a flattering sweep to one side. The hair color is subtle, with just a touch of tint to tone down the gray, without looking obviously "colored".
The asymmetry of the style provides a distraction from the receding hairline and is appealing in that it offers a touch of movement to the hairstyle.
Hers: Here we see a sleek, neck-length bob with a precision-cut fringe and clean, defined lines. The ends of the bob are styled with a gentle bend to curl under and add to the softly rounded look which is echoed in the slight curve of the fringe into the forward edge of the side lengths. The color is a multi-tonal blend of sable and mahogany tones, variations that are visible only as a refraction of the light off the individual strands.

Long Flaxen Locks & Ultra-Smooth Hair

Man with long flaxen locks and a girl with an ultra-smooth bob hairstyle
Smooth bob with an angled edge
His: The strong, angular Nordic features of this male model are brought into harmony by the smooth, glassy styling of his long flaxen locks. The cut is a simple, blunt trimming of the super-long strands, while the styling and color are the key.
The hair is an intricate blend of tones in shades of gold, wheat and honey-blonde, and his long hair is blown super-straight and ironed to a smooth, glossy, yet free-flowing finish.
Hers: This angled bob features a sharply angled bottom edge that is textured to reduce the weight while providing a framing "v-shape" to emphasize the lower half of the face. The cut features softly curved fringe that skims the top of the eyes.
The hair color is again a blend of sable base and mahogany tones in intricate patterns of highlighting. The hair is styled ultra-smooth for a glossy finish while the ends are turned out on a gentle curve to enhance the cutting line of the bottom edge.

Modern Young Men's Hairstyle

Modern hairstyle for young men and a shoulder-length haircut for women
Very modern cut for men
Hers: This shoulder-length haircut with a curved fringe features razor-cut ends to soften the lines and smoothly styled, curled under fringe to keep the weight of the bangs consistent. The hair is styled to lie smooth in clean lines, with subtle softness at the bottom of the hair.
The hair color is higher-contrast highlight/lowlight patterns with very intricate alternating strands of tones. The warm brown and a honey-gold set each other off very well and accentuate the lines of the style beautifully.
His: This short, heavily textured style is reminiscent of the Collegiate cut, with a touch of "Fauxhawk" thrown in for good measure. It is a stylish and very modern cut for young men today. The cut is designed to feel "organic" as though the hair simply grows that way, with the perimeter tapering to razor-softened edges.
The hair color is a blend of natural tone, with extra hints of color added with a finely interspersed slender strand technique. The styling features the liberal use of pomade/wax and a blow-dryer with finger-styling technique.

Long Sides & Curved Fringe

Men's hairstyle with long sides and a shoulder-length haircut with a curved fringe
Rounded 70s hairstyle for men
His: Here's a look that harkens back to the 1970s and the days of rounded hairstyles. The rebellion against the traditional men's styling is evident in the long sides, layered and styled smoothly to accentuate the shape of the face.
The cut features a long, curving fringe that is side-swept and cleanly defined perimeter lines. The hair is layered to give it a rounded shape, and styled to emphasize the sleek, glossy texture of the hair.
Hers: This is a revisiting of the "Hers" style from set three, with a heavy, lightly curved fringe - curled under - and shoulder length razor-cut styling. The primary differences in the two looks are the addition of razor-cut layers along the forward edge of the sides, in order to create a framing effect around the face, and the addition of more contrasting lowlights to add striations in the color and tone of the hair, emphasizing the vertical lines of the cut.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Jenny Joesch
Products: REDKEN
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