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Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! Hairstyles Collection

  • stylish older man
  • sleek bob
  • male model with long hair
  • super sleek bob
  • shoulder-length modern hairstyle
  • haircut for young men
  • male haircut with long sides
  • men's hairdo with long sides
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Opposites attract each other and leave room for creativity. Light and shadow. Youth and old age. Happiness and sadness. Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! and the creative team around Patricia Normann present SinCity, a spring hairstyles collection.
The haircuts are reduced to the bare essentials thus bringing forward the individual style and expression. Skilled use of coloring techniques creates further contrasts, that playfully enhance a natural complexion. A new, innovative technique for highlights and strands produces truly extraordinary shine. The colors of the hair sections are consciously kept tone in tone and are easing subtly into the background while creating a balanced image.
Clear shapes and precise cutting contours lend an unmistakable character and own dynamic to the facial features. The reduced volume of the hair pushes the shape of the face and its features into the foreground. The hairstyle now represents the frame and enhances the expression of each individual personality. The focus is strictly guided to the triangle of the eye and mouth sections.
With the current collection "SinCity" Patricia Normann and the team of Intercoiffure Böhm.Haare! deliver a new interpretation of the 1930s hair cult.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Jenny Joesch
Products: REDKEN