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Long Hairstyles

La Biosthetique Haircuts

  • long hair with splicing
  • curvy shape hairstyle
  • long face framing hair
  • long bouncy curls
  • shoulder length curls
  • shoulder-skimming curls
  • free-flowing curls hairstyle
  • polished look hair
  • long hair with shine
  • long sleek hair
  • permed hair
  • shimmery hair
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Long hair comes in so many shapes and with so many different details that it takes a proud collection of this size to display the most impressive cuts. Sleek and curled, a mix of both or cuts with classic lines and modern texture. It is the chemistry of cleverly mixing the nostalgic and the new that creates the charisma.
This collection features amazing hairstyles for business women, for seductresses, sporty champions and classic beauties. Cuts are tailored for a perfect fit and the styling puts emphasis on smooth, feminine lines with a satiny shine and a luxurious flow.
Just as there is much diversity in texture and style, the palette covers beautiful shades from coppery reds to midnight black. Check out the bouncy curls and the long bangs!
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris