Roller Styling Techniques (4)

Velcro rollers
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Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that they can be used with a hair dryer in order to shorten the drying time, they often break down as a result of repeated heating and cooling/wetting and drying (especially depending on the composition of the sponge center). They take longer to dry naturally, but this is mitigated by the fact that the rollers are more comfortable to sleep while wearing. Finally, the breakdown of the spongy material results in a limited lifespan for the rollers and makes them difficult to clean effectively.
Velcro Rollers
The Velcro roller is a new roller design that is becoming increasingly popular for specific uses. The design features a soft-plastic “cage” that has a micro-mesh sleeve covered with thousands of tiny plastic “hooks”. This mesh is the “catching” portion of the product called “Velcro” and works reasonably well to grab onto the hair which is wound around it.
The soft-plastic one-piece construction makes the Velcro roller comfortable to wear and the hooks mean that the rollers hold in place once wound into the hair without added tools. The tools are designed for use on slightly damp hair, but as a result the hair dries more quickly.
Unfortunately, some hair types – specifically those that are coarse, wavy, curly and kinky – can become easily tangled in the rollers hooks, resulting in damage when the hair removed. Due to the way the rollers self-position themselves they don’t wrap tightly and therefore don’t give a firm curl. There hooks make them prone to clogging with lint and fuzz and they are difficult to clean once they become soiled.
Using rollers and how to curl hair with rollers
Using rollers to curl your hair requires some simple practices that will make the jobs easier to accomplish. Regardless of the types of roller used, these tips will help you get the most out of your roller set:
•  Be prepared; have all the tools you need on hand before you begin.
For most roller sets you should have on hand a tail comb, spray bottle with clear water, any styling product you desire, the rollers of your choice and tools to secure the rollers in place (if needed). The tail comb is handy for selecting and isolating appropriate amounts of hair in slices to wind around the roller. The spray bottle allows you to keep the hair sufficiently damp for a wet set, and to control the amount of moisture applied when using rollers that require less water.
•  Find a comfortable place and position to work.
Rolling the hair can take time, depending on how much curl you want to add. For most wet-set styles, you want to wrap the whole head in rollers so you will need time to do this properly. (Having a friend to assist you with the rear sections of the head can be helpful.) You want to be seated in a comfortable seat, with clear access to a mirror so that you can watch your progress and have all the necessary tools in easy reach.
•  Use product for longer lasting curl.
Though many of the rollers mentioned here are designed to curl the hair without needing product for the style, using a styling product can and does provide longer-lasting curl, and should be considered if you are going to wear the style to a location where the hairstyle needs to last. You don’t want to leave your curls without support if you plan to attend an all-day affair, unless you want the hair to fall flat by mid-afternoon.
•  Don’t overload your roller.
Divide the scalp into sections. Top, Sides (to just behind the ear), Crown (divided into equal halves, and Nape (divided into equal halves). The sections should be a little narrower than the width of the roller, and as the air is sliced to wrap on the tools, the slices should be less than half as thick as the diameter of the rollers.
•  Schedule your Roller Set to coincide with your needs.
Although a roller set may take more time than modern styling techniques, it can be more convenient if you plan for it. For instance, styling the hair to attend a wedding could involve an hour and a half of working with a curling iron shortly before the event, or you could spend a half an hour winding your damp hair in sponge rollers and wrap the rollers in a scarf before bed and wake up in the morning with dry hair and take 10-20 minutes combing out and completing the style.
Plus if you are crafting an up-style that needs curls for structure, you can divide the curl stage and up-style stage in order to prevent having to spend a long time sitting in one place doing your hair.
So you see, the roller set may be an older method of styling the hair, but it’s still a very useful technique. Take a look at your normal styling routine and ask yourself if you wouldn’t be happier finding a way to incorporate a styling technique that might just be a healthier alternative to daily heat styling.
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