Roller Styling Techniques (4)

Velcro rollers
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Unfortunately, despite the option to use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process, sponge rollers often break down due to repeated heating and cooling, as well as wetting and drying (especially depending on the sponge center's composition). While they take longer to air dry naturally, their comfort makes them suitable for sleeping in. However, the breakdown of the spongy material limits their lifespan and makes them challenging to clean effectively.
Velcro Rollers
The Velcro roller is a newer roller design that is gaining popularity for specific purposes. It features a soft-plastic "cage" with a micro-mesh sleeve covered in numerous tiny plastic "hooks." This mesh, similar to the "Velcro" product, effectively catches and holds the hair wound around it.
The one-piece construction of soft plastic makes Velcro rollers comfortable to wear, and the hooks ensure they stay in place without requiring additional tools. These rollers are designed to be used on slightly damp hair, which also aids in quicker drying.
Unfortunately, some hair types, particularly coarse, wavy, curly, and kinky hair, can easily get tangled in the hooks of the rollers, resulting in damage when removing the hair. Additionally, the rollers do not provide a tight wrap, leading to less defined curls. The hooks are prone to getting clogged with lint and fuzz, making them difficult to clean once soiled.
Using Rollers and How to Curl Hair with Rollers
Using rollers to curl your hair requires some simple practices that will make the process easier to accomplish. Regardless of the type of rollers used, these tips will help you achieve the best results with your roller set:
•  Be prepared; gather all the necessary tools before you begin.
For most roller sets, you should have a tail comb, a spray bottle filled with clear water, any desired styling product, the rollers of your choice, and tools to secure the rollers (if needed). The tail comb comes in handy for sectioning the hair and isolating appropriate amounts to wind around the rollers. The spray bottle allows you to keep the hair damp for a wet set and control the amount of moisture applied when using rollers that require less water.
•  Find a comfortable place and position to work.
Rolling the hair can be time-consuming, depending on the desired level of curl. For most wet-set styles, you'll need to wrap the entire head in rollers, so allow enough time to do it properly. Having a friend assist with the rear sections of the head can be helpful. Find a comfortable seat and ensure you have a clear view of a mirror to monitor your progress. Keep all the necessary tools within easy reach.
•  Use product for longer-lasting curl.
While many of the rollers mentioned here are designed to curl the hair without the need for styling product, using a product can actually help achieve longer-lasting curl. If you plan to wear the style for an extended period, especially for an all-day event, it's recommended to use a styling product to provide support and prevent the curls from falling flat by mid-afternoon.
•  Avoid overloading your rollers.
Divide the scalp into sections: Top, Sides (from the temples to just behind the ears), Crown (divided into equal halves), and Nape (divided into equal halves). The sections should be slightly narrower than the width of the roller, and when wrapping the hair around the rollers, the slices should be less than half as thick as the diameter of the rollers.
•  Schedule your roller set to coincide with your needs.
While a roller set may require more time compared to modern styling techniques, it can be highly convenient if you plan ahead. Let's say you're getting ready for a wedding: you could spend an hour and a half using a curling iron right before the event, or you could invest half an hour in winding your damp hair with sponge rollers, wrapping them in a scarf before going to bed, and wake up with dry hair. Then, it would only take you 10-20 minutes to comb out and complete the style.
Moreover, if you're creating an updo that requires curls for structure, you can divide the curling stage and updo stage to avoid spending a long time sitting in one place while styling your hair.
So you see, the roller set may be an older method of styling the hair, but it’s still a very useful technique. Take a look at your normal styling routine and ask yourself if you wouldn’t be happier finding a way to incorporate a styling technique that might just be a healthier alternative to daily heat styling.