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Q: Can you please tell me how to cut Elvis Presley's haircut from "Aloha from Hawaii"?
A: Elvis Presley was one of the most successful performers in the world and few performers since have been able to match the scope of his performance endeavors. Television specials, concert tours, recording sessions, and movies are all part of the legacy of the world's most recognized performer.
Elvis had a signature style that evolved as he grew older: from the clean-cut semi-pompadour style of the earliest years, to the mutton-chopped winged-shag style in the latter days.
The televised concert "Aloha from Hawaii" featured an Elvis in his prime. And the signature look was in full effect. As shown in the accompanying graphic, the cut is pretty simple.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley - Photo by PR Photos
Elvis Presley's sideburns
Elvis Presley - Photo by PR Photos
The perimeter is cut on a curved line in front to blend into the desired length along the sides and back. The layers are created by elevating the hair to 90-degrees and cutting along a vertical cut line. The heaviness of the perimeter can be eased by using a beveling technique where you cut the hair at a 45-degree cutting line with 0-degrees of elevation.
The top section is cut with uniform layers to the length indicated in the fringe, and the lengths are blended to the lengths of the sides and crown. Once the cut is complete, cross-check for evenness and then style the hair.
For the signature Elvis look, the details of the style are key. The hair is blow-dried using a round brush and a strong gel or pomade product. The hair on the side is curved back and away from the face, angling up at the parietal ridge and temples and angling down at the perimeter and neckline. The hair at the top of the head is drawn back along a right-hand curve in acknowledgement of Elvis's natural left-side part.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley - Photo by PR Photos
Elvis Presley in Hawaii
Elvis Presley - Photo by PR Photos
Finishing out the look are the s-curl/flip in the fringe area and the ever-present mutton-chop sideburns. It should be pointed out that this style really is best suited to individuals with thick, mild-wavy hair that is of a medium to coarse texture.
Those with fine-textured hair or whose hair is very straight may not be satisfied with the results. The same is true for those with very curly hair, but for the fact that the hair will likely not hold the desired styling very long with a strong natural curl.
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