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How to Color Your Hair (3)

The coloring of hair

How to Change Your Haircolor with Photoshop
Tutorial explaining how you can change the colour of your hair with Photoshop. A fun way to try different hair colors on your own picture!
How to Color Your Hair with Henna
Women in Asia and in the middle East have known about the benefits that Henna has for their hair. Dying the hair with henna can be tricky. If not done right the results can be uneven and blotchy.
How to Choose Natural-Looking Highlights
You need to choose a color that will add depth to the starting color, but that also will blend with the color and not look out of place or result in some unfortunate color results.
How to Dye with Box Hair Color
How to color your own hair with box hair color. Do it yourself instructions for at home hair dyeing.
How to Get Back to Your Natural Hair Color
Factors to consider when you decide to try to reclaim your natural hair color.
How to Look Younger with the Right Hair Color
How to look younger with the right hair color for your skin tone.
How to Make Hair Color Last Longer
All hair coloring fades with time. Learn how to minimize the fading process.
How to Match Hair Color and Make-up
A look at the main hair colors and the types and colors of make-up that are the best match for a fabulous look.
How to Use the Hair Color Wheel
Seeing how the colors lay out along the wheel helps to show you their relationships and gives advice on how to deal with problems that may arise.
Basic Hair Coloring Information
Basic hair coloring information. Explaining the important factors in your haircolor.
Hair Colors and our Color Palette
Choose the right haircolor for yourself. More about hair colors and your color palette.
Psychology of Hair Colors
Deep inside we feel that hair color should not make any difference in how someone is perceived or treated. However, perception of hair color and connected attributes is perhaps as old as civilization.
Redhead Extinction
In August of 2007, news outlets all over the world released a story that was shocking in its implications: Redheads are dying out and could become extinct by the year 2060.
Teenagers and Gray Hair
Why some teenagers have gray hair and how to overcome gray hair.
Temporary Hair Color
If you want to add some color to your hair but don't want to go on a permanent trip to the wild side, then there are many great options.
The Disadvantages of Bleaching Your Hair
The prospect of having icy blonde hair is one that is both intriguing and daring to many women looking for a change. However, there is a lot that can happen when you opt to bleach your hair.
The History of Haircolor
Through the centuries the color of the hair has been deemed important in varying eras and the meaning attached to the colors changed as time moved forward.
Tips for Redheads
If you always wanted to have gorgeous red hair here is a short guide to help you choose the right shade for you, whether you’re blonde or brunette.
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