How To Look Younger

Young look for an older women
How to look younger with the right hair color for your skin tone
Just about everyone you see today colors their hair in one form or another; whether it is tinting, foiling or even a henna and most of the time it is because of the media’s magnification of youth. Every woman strives to look younger. For example, you are thumbing through a stylish magazine and suddenly compare yourself with all those lovely models who, by the way; have been subtly airbrushed and perfected in every imaginable way and that also means a few less pounds in their picture too.
Today’s pressure says, “unless you look young, you won’t get the job or the man who is the desire of your heart. Nor will you feel like you are fit”. Everyone is striving to look younger. Therefore, if we can knock a few years off of our appearance through a bottle of color, it’s an easy throw of the dice if we are going to do it! Draw up a chair and have a cup of tea with me and let’s talk a little bit about hair and skin color.
Some examples are:
Let’s say, you have natural light brown hair with strips of sunned blonde racing through your hair. Your age is about a youngish 20-45 and your skin tone is between a medium to light tone and you freckle easily. You have brown eyes. You made a state of the art decision and decided to go to a vivid coppery red. All of a sudden your eyes metamorphosed into this incredible vibrant coppery color and you feel more attractive not to mention that your confidence level just shot up a few dimensions. In fact, you have a bounce in your walk!
Your personality went from conservative to outgoing to the point of being extremely popular all because your self image blasted the charts. Who is this remarkable woman anyway? What happened in your life, because you just got a raise? You guessed it! This is exactly what the right hair color and cut can do for you. Redheads seem to have an edge on the sultry brunettes and vivacious blondes. I won’t apologize.
Another example: You have ash blonde hair and your skin tone is pale and light. You decided to go platinum. Look out world! Oh for the love of chocolate covered strawberries and wine, here she comes! Everyone noticed you when you sauntered into the room and then paused at the entry before your wild and wonderful walk into the party. Your poise went from playing handball on the curb to pitching a ball over a high rise. Talk about yesterdays Harlow! Monroe and Mansfield all rolled up into today!
Ok we’ll cool our enthusiasm and slow down a bit. All of this can be destroyed if her makeup isn’t perfect. If our girl is wearing super thick black brows it just isn’t going to gel unless you are Madonna or Brook Shields. However, if she is wearing a subtle darker brow and bright red lips, she is going nowhere but up! MGM is looking for you! I’ll say it again, this is what the right hair color can do for you! Blondes seem to get a job over the rest of us. It doesn’t seem fair, but I didn’t write the book.
Another example: You have medium dark brown hair and that coveted olive skin. Both women and men seem to sort of drool over you. You now find yourself in your 50- 60’s and are aghast over all the white in your hair. Aghast is saying it nicely, actually you find yourself freaking out. What to do? You decide to go to your professional who wisely selects a light platinum color that effortlessly covers your natural color and all of a sudden you’ve gone from a white senior to an older blonde bombshell with a whole lot of chutzpah. It is all in the choice my friends. This is why it is imperative to do your homework and ask a lot of questions. Your tone of skin versus your hair color can take yards of years off of you.
Let’s say you are a dried out redhead with yellowing/gray streaks gracing your hair. What to do? You’ve discovered your freckled skin is lighter and drier too. Because everyone is different, trying on a few wigs might be the right time. You were once a vivid red that turned heads but now your hair looks like the side of an old boat that stayed in the sun too long. The thought of going just a little bit darker might appeal to you. Perhaps a light caramel brown/blonde and this all would depend upon what analysis comes from your professional. If you were to go too dark, your skin would be the only thing others would see. If you went too light, it would mesh right into your skin tones. Something in between is what you need.
You have black hair with dashing silver racing through it and you feel old because everyone is calling it salt and pepper. Salt and pepper aren’t vulgar or slanderous words even if you happen to be a senior. In fact, if you have salt and pepper hair and look attractive, count your blessings. What kind of reaction do you get from all of your friends and the peanut gallery out there? If it is naturally wavy or curly, why not emphasize your hair with a new haircut and think about getting some new makeup to put some more color in your skin tones, as we age; we tend to get ashen.
This would be the perfect time for you to experiment. The salt and pepper effect usually displays the dark and silver colors in your hair. If you wanted to color your hair a blonde/brown, you would have a warm blonde and brown. Stay away from the warm colors unless your skin tone is complimentary with your choice. I would suggest building up what you already have with a smart haircut, new makeup and new colored clothing.
In the long run, the choice is yours. If your heart is set upon another color, you would be able to wear it with the proper type of makeup to adjust your skin color; although you probably wouldn’t look as attractive as you could with that perfect hair color that harmonizes with your skin in the first place. Just remember, if you decide to tint your hair that color you’ve had your eye on and decided it isn’t for you; your hair colorist will be happy to correct the problem.
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