Hair Color and Make-Up

Make-up for blonde hair
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How to Match Hair Color and Make-up
We all learned how to match our eyeshadow to the color of our eyes to make them brighter and bigger. Considering the color of you hair when picking your make-up colors is just as important. Then, of course, there is skin tone. Often, hair color and skin tone already harmonize, and the make-up that works with one will also work with the other.
This changes, however, when the natural hair color is artificially changed. Getting confused? Let us just look at the main hair colors and the types and colors of make-up that are the best match for a fabulous look.
In the world of blondes, the choices of make-up colors cover a surprisingly large palette, as one blonde is not like the other. This makes the choices rather tricky.
Women with light blonde hair in the vanilla and light beige range should use soft and natural colors for their make-up. With such a light hair color, it is easy to go overboard in the face and find out that the eyeshadow or lipstick that looked so good on the brunette friend suddenly is overpowering and just plain garish.
Eyeshadows in beige, nude, golden, bronze, apricot, warm green tones, and muted lavender are very attractive choices. Dark brown mascara, tinted lip gloss, soft, muted tones for the lips with a hint of glimmer and bronzer for sculpting cheeks are good items to have in your make-up bag.
Stay away from: bright blue, green, and bright purple for the eyes. Dark lipstick, bright pink lipstick, too much blush, and dark foundation. Black eyeliner or mascara are also too harsh for most light-blonde and fair-skinned women.
Platinum blonde, on the other hand, comes across as a very bold color and can handle very bold colors on the face as well. So bright eyeshadows, big black eyeliner, and intense lips can be extremely attractive with this hair color, especially when the cut is very modern, super short, or edgy in any way.
Medium, dark and ash blondes have the most freedom of all and should just keep their make-up controlled and not go overboard with it, but this applies to all colors. A great combination for example for dark blonde women with green or brown eyes is an eyeshadow in a muted purple tone. It just makes the eye color stand out.
A mossy green is very harmonious, just as dark bronze shades. Black mascara, eyeliner, or a smoky, sexy kohl around the entire eye can spice up any day. A muted rose for the cheeks brings much radiance and lipstick in the pink range, all the way to a dark Merlot goes well with these shades of blonde.
Make-up for brown hair
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When it comes to make-up it is definitely the brunettes who have the most fun. Go for the color, girls!
Red lipstick can look overwhelming and just unflattering with other hair colors, but women with brunette hair do not have to be shy about it and can slather on the tomato, hibiscus, stoplight, hot chili and sunset reds to their heart's delight. The darker your hair is, the darker the shades of lipstick that are flattering. If the heavy tones are just too much for you, then go with a lighter coral shade or a lusciously tinted lip gloss.
A Merlot-colored lip balm is a good choice for women who don't like wearing much make-up. There are several brands that offer protection and nourishment for the delicate skin of your lips and also a transparent color that is glamorous, but still looks natural.
A plum tone will make the eyes sparkle and it instantly reduces any redness in the eyes while it brings out the eye color. Natural brown and bronze shades are also very attractive with brunette hair. Always keep a strong outline on the eye. Liner or a smoky effect with dark eyeshadow or kohl can be stunning!
Black Hair
Black hair is very intense all by itself. At the same time, black has the tendency to make every color next to it appear much stronger and the skin a bit paler. When you put a painting into a black frame, it will vibrate with the enhanced richness of its colors. The lesson is to be mindful of the colors you put on your face as they will really stand out.
This can also be an effect that you would like to have. In that case, put it on... A great combination with a retro bob in black is pink lipstick and a dark eyeliner. Play with color combinations to find your favorite.
If you want to avoid getting too much attention, then stick with natural, muted colors. To make them stand out against the bold hair color, you should wear them without being shy. Eyes can be rimmed heavily or go light on the eye make-up and turn up the color on the lips.
Woman with red hair wearing a green satin blouse
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Red Hair
Women with red hair often have fair skin that doesn't tan well. In many cases, freckles are present. Choose a light and transparent foundation or just go with a fine, translucent face powder. You don't have to cover up freckles, they are charming and a part of you.
Lipstick is the biggest challenge, as many reds just don't go well together. Depending on the shade of your hair, find a lipstick that is close to it. This can look very spectacular when done right. Most red hair has a golden, coppery base, so most lipsticks that are in the golden range work very well, like a golden apricot or mango tones.
Stay away from pink and bright, bold tomato reds. The contrast is too confusing and can look gaudy quickly. For the eyes, stick with browns, dark green, beige, and of course dark brown or black mascara.
When it comes to make-up, many women tend to stick with colors and techniques that they adopted early in their life and that worked for them in a specific decade. We should, however, never stop experimenting with colors and some of the great new products that hit the market every year. There aren't really any strict rules when it comes to how, how much, and where to apply which color, since it is a very personal way of expressing oneself. Well, there is one rule... Have fun with it!
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