How to Dye with Box Hair Color

Instructional lines: Study this diagram (click to enlarge) before you start with the sectioning. Note that the model’s head is divided into four main sections. You will start coloring in the top right-hand section (Nr1), then the top left-hand section and so forth.
  • Diagram - How to section hair for coloring
  • Tools and products for at hom hair coloring
  • hair sectioning before coloring

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The smaller line running in a 45 degree angle is the smaller sections about half an inch from each other, working from the inside to the outer side. The concept will become clear once you study the DIY pictures that follow.
1. What you will need:
a. Box of hair color
b. Crocodile clips
c. Coloring brush
d. Black plastic bowl
e. Vaseline/Petroleum jelly
f.  Tail-comb
2. Comb the hair to the back of the head of the model. Be sure to comb out any tangles or knots, as these will prove significantly problematic later in the coloring process.
  • Comb tangles and knots out of the hair
  • Clip the hair in 4 sections
  • Use petroleum jelly to avoid hair color stains
  • Contents of box hair color

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3. Use your tail-comb to divide the hair into four sections. Secure each section with a clip to prevent the hair from falling loose from the sections. You will see that the parting-lines are clear and concise. This is very important, as these lines will be your base guidelines to coloring the model’s hair. Note that lines form a very clear cross, or almost that of a hot-cross bun.
4. Dip your index finger into the petroleum jelly, and carefully apply a barrier along the hair line of your model. Take care not to get the petroleum jelly on the actual hair, as this will prevent the color to properly penetrate the hair shaft. The petroleum jelly is used to prevent the skin along the hair line to stain from the color.
Remember to concentrate especially on the forehead and ears, as these are the parts that are most annoying for your client or model when it becomes stained. Note how many clients often walk out of the salon with color stains around their hairlines or on their ears.
5. Remove the contents from your box of color. There will be gloves to protect the stylist/colorist’s hands from becoming stained by the color. You will find a tube of color cream and a developer containing peroxide, which will be added together to create the hair color.
You will also find a small tube of conditioner to be used as after care. This cream based conditioner is designed to seal the hair shaft after the coloring process, in order to preserve the artificial color particles of the hair. Make sure that the bowl you’ll be using is a dark colored plastic. Metal bowls can potentially cause an unwanted or potentially dangerous chemical reaction when coming into contact with the color.
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