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Hair Care (4)

Hair care

Summer Hair
The special care your hair needs in summer. The influence of sun and swimming.
Color Treated Hair in Summer
How to take care of your color treated hair in summer and prevent sun and chlorine damage.
Summer-Time Must-Haves for Your Hair and Skin
The UV radiation of the sun can be detrimental to the condition of skin and hair. For that reason we must do what we can to protect our skin and hair from both long-term and short-term damage.
Tangled Hair
One of the best ways to get rid of tangles is to keep them from happening. Some advice to avoid and to cure tangled hair.
The 1-2-3s for Great Hair of Any Hair Type
There are three basic tips for each hair type that will help you have or get good-looking hair.
The Cost of Beautiful Hair
Do men know the cost of the upkeep of attractive hair and the time women need to look beautiful?
Tips and Tricks for Great Summer Hair
Many people forget that your hair needs to be treated a little differently as a result of the demands of hotter weather. A quick look at some tips to maximize your hair care for the summer.
Tips to Great Hair
A lot of us forget the basics of good hair care when we get busy and we get into bad habits that can rob us of healthy hair. Here is a reminder of the little things that add up to healthy hair when we put them into action.
Tips for Red-Hot Redheads and Gorgeous Gingers
While taking proper care of your hair is important no matter what color hair you have, for redheads damaged hair can look especially harsh. Red hair is so eye-catching that it demands to look good.
Tips for Fuller and Thicker Hair
Advice on styles and products you need for thick and fuller hair.
Water Soluble Products and Frizzy Hair
The one thing that plays havoc with curly hair is frizz or halo frizz when exposed to climate changes like wind, rain, humidity, dry heat and cold weather.
Winter Hair Care Advice
We all know that cold weather, wind and snow can play havoc on the skin, but few people realize that the hair can also be just as badly damaged by the cold and winter precipitation.
Winter Hair Product Must-Haves
Modern cosmetic science has brought us a whole host of solutions to winter hair worries. In order to get ready for winter, here are some products that we feel are must-haves.
Aqua Beauty Tips - A Fresh Kick for Your Hair
Franziska van Almsick and Sascha Breuer let you in on their pro tips for a shiny start into the spring / summer season.
Our hair, just like our skin, reacts to the food we eat. Sylver Boll associates, in an original way, tastes, flavors and foods to show us how pleasurable it can be to take care of one’s body and hair.
Shiny Hair with CrystalGloss
With the CrystalGloss service by Wella you can get magnificent and lasting shine. It's a great way of giving every hair color and creation the perfect high-gloss and crystal shine finish.
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