Food for healthy hair
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Healthy Food for Healthy Hair
Hair-fooding was born from associating a perfect knowledge of hair (the notion of a living element that needs health and wellbeing, a body part that is often treated roughly) to an art of living where eating is no more a duty, but becomes a pleasure that mixes conviviality and gustatory adventure.
Today, Sylver Boll, Sergio Bossi's artistic director, brings together your hair's health and wellbeing with the pleasure of eating.
Our hair, just like our skin, reacts to the food we eat. Sylver Boll associates, in an original way, tastes, flavors and foods to show us how pleasurable it can be to take care of one’s body and hair.
Today, your hairdresser is not only a creator responsible for your look, he/she is also an adviser and initiator of your hair's health!
4 hair-fooding recipes:
1. Orange and Carrot Soup
Preparation: 30 mn, Cooking: 20 mn
Ingredients for 4 people:
- 500 g of sliced carrots
- 1 big potato, peeled and sliced
- 500 ml of poultry broth
- 250 ml of orange juice
- 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
- 1 teaspoon of ground curry
Mix all the ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for about 20 mn (vegetables must be soft). Puree. Serve the soup topped with some yogurt and dill.
The vitamin A from the carrots and the orange juice contributes to your hair’s growth and brings shine and flexibility to it. The vitamin E found in the orange increases the cutaneous (scalp) micro-circulation that influences the hair’s growth.
2. Fruity Garden Cocktail
Ingredients for one big glass:
- 100 ml of orange juice
- 100 ml of beet juice
- 100 ml of apple juice
The day before, mix all the ingredients and put them in the refrigerator. Drink the next morning for a nice, fresh wake-up. For fresher vitamins, peel the fruits and vegetables just before drinking your cocktail. Add some ice and shake in a shaker to get a refreshing effect.
Orange is rich in vitamin C, a source of energy, which gives you all the strength you need as early as breakfast, while allowing you to treat yourself. The vitamin A found in beets, a vegetable high in trace elements, contributes to your hair's growth and brings them shine and flexibility, while vitamin B2 contributes to your hair's health.
3. Avocado / Banana Cups
Preparation: 5 mn
Ingredients for 4 people:
- 1 avocado
- 3 really ripe bananas
- 1 tablespoon of rum
- 2 tablespoons of sugar
Mix everything in the blender.
Put in nice cups and cover with plastic wrap.
Put into the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
Eat very cold!
The vitamins B5 and B7, found in avocados and bananas, act against your hair drying out and loss. They also bring body and flexibility.
4. Small salmon and feta avocado glasses
Preparation: 10 mn
Ingredients for 4 people:
- 2 avocados
- ½ jar of feta
- 1 squeeze of lemon juice
- 100 g of cubed smoked salmon
- 100 g of grated surimi
- Dill (for decoration)
This recipe is presented in 4 glasses. Place the grated surimi at the bottom of the glasses. Mix the avocados with the feta until creamy. Add the lemon juice. Place on top of the surimi. Top with the cubed smoked salmon and decorate with a sprig of dill. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
Found in salmon and avocados, vitamin B5 gives body and volume, while vitamin B6 regulates sebum production. The vitamin B7 from the avocados helps to fight hair loss. Feta, rich in vitamin A, contributes to your hair’s growth and brings shine.