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Healthy Food for Healthy Hair

image of food for healthy hair Hair-fooding was born from associating a perfect knowledge of hair (the notion of a living element that needs health and well-being, a body part that is very enticed and sometimes handled roughly) to an art of living where eating is no more a duty, but becomes a pleasure that mixes conviviality and gustatory adventure.
Today, Sylver Boll, SERGIO BOSSI’s artistic director, brings together your hair’s health and well-being with the pleasure of eating.
Our hair, just like our skin, reacts to the food we eat.
Sylver Boll associates, in an original way, tastes, flavors and foods to show us how pleasurable it can be to take care of one’s body and hair.
Today, your hairdresser is not only a creator responsible for your look, he/she is also the adviser and initiator of your hair’s health!
4 hair-fooding recipes:
1. Orange and carrot soup
2. Fruity garden cocktail
3. Avocado/banana cups
4. Small salmon and feta avocado glasses