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Winter Hair Product Must-Haves

       We all know that winter weather brings with it a whole host of problems for the hair. The change in temperature and humidity when one goes from inside to outside (and vice versa) can strip the moisture from the hair and leave it dry and fly away. This gets compounded when you add in the static build-up caused by the fibers in sweaters and overcoats, and walking across carpeted floors when the air is heavily charged with negative ions.
       Fortunately, modern cosmetic science has brought us a whole host of solutions to Winter Hair Worries. And in order to get ready for winter, here are some products that we feel are must-haves:
Dry / Waterless Shampoo
       In harsh winter weather, it often helps when you can avoid having to wash your hair every day. Yet, many people have a hard time going without a daily shampoo. That’s where waterless shampoo comes in. Whether you opt for the liquid formula that needs no water to rinse it out, or the sprays and powders that are applied then brushed out, waterless shampoo can help you deal with the oily scalp issues that often occur between shampoos.
Hair care products for winter
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Smoothing Serum
       The most commonly mentioned issue in winter for many of my clients is frizz and static issues during the cold weather. Sometimes it’s because of the added winter wear: scarves and hats of wool and knit fibers, and sometimes it’s simply the cold or warm dry air in various places, but the result is always the same. The hair puffs out and gets frizzed and statically charged.
       Smoothing serum helps with this because it coats the hair shaft and helps prevent static charges from accumulating in the hair. You can even redouble the effect by using an added misting of hairspray to further insulate the hair.
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