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The Cost of Beautiful Hair

When we as women walk out the door for our dates, we may make it look easy, like if we just stepped out of the shower and BAM … we are perfect. And if we are not exactly ready on time, our dates tend to wonder what is actually taking us so long. Do they even have a slight clue as to what it takes to look like we just stepped out of a hair salon or of what the cost of actually stepping out of a salon is? Do they know the cost of the upkeep and the time we take to look our maximum selves?
We spend not just a lot of money but a lot of time, as well, to achieve the look that suits us the best and most women cannot just prep like men do. We cannot just take a five-minute shower, get a ten-minute haircut, do a quick shave, spray on some cologne, throw some gel in our hair, and be ready to go in twenty minutes or less. That is just not how it works by any stretch of the imagination and now it is time to give a complete break-down of the cost, both monetarily and in time, of looking good and getting ready for a night out.
Let’s start with basic hair coloring, going through the entire spectrum from base color to ombré to highlights and beyond. To just get an overall professional base color, the cost is around one hundred dollars and that is per month. Yeah, you can walk down the hair color aisle in the drug store and see color for $6.99. However, boxed color pales in comparison to what a professional hair stylist can do.
Color hair from light to dark

Do you really want to go on a date with a girl who has sixteen different colors in her hair, unintentionally? Maybe you do but she won’t be nearly as confident with herself or as much fun if she is not feeling her optimum self and that includes fabulous, luscious locks.
Along with the hundred plus dollars that has just been spent (cannot forget a twenty percent tip), there may be an additional fee for a trim or deep conditioner so your lady is looking at around two hundred dollars every single month to look like she just woke up that way. That’s over two grand per year, just for maintenance and upkeep, and that is just base color.
On top of the money spent, there has also been a lot of time and effort spent to make an appointment with a stylist. Popular stylists book up fast. Coordinating the time to get to the salon is very important and once you get there, expect to be in the chair for around two hours or so. We have not even gotten into the more elaborate services that make men swoon. As for time, a cut and color can take about two hours, but that does not include any additions that one may want added on like a few face framing highlights or conditioning.
If your lady goes the ombré route, and I dare you to explain to me what that means without looking it up on Hairfinder, you are looking at even more time and money. Ombré is the process of gradually going from dark at the roots and progressively going lighter, sometimes caramel, honey, or bleached blonde.
An ombré hair color can cost roughly around two hundred dollars, at minimum and takes around two hours for the whole coloring process. That does not include any cutting, styling, conditioning, etc. along with tip that goes into this whole process. The prices can elevate based on hair length and thickness. So when you are running your hands through your girl’s silky and sexy locks, do not assume that they just came like that.
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