Beauty on a Budget

Redhead blow drying her long hair
Blow drying redhead - Photo: Istockphoto
Not all of us are Madonna or Jennifer Anniston. Our bodies and our locks don’t usually get the daily attention that they deserve. Those of us on a budget certainly don’t spend our money on ourselves.
A normal gal on a budget usually goes to the nearest Wal-Mart and purchases, from the many choices afforded her, a bottle of beauty (Usually the wrong color!), and heads home, to enlist the help of her household. If only the cat is available, she uses her own hand and makes some moves only a contortionist would be proud of.
So, for those of you on a budget who want to look beautiful, most of the time, I have a couple of hints and different ways to use what we have available to us in our homes now. As most of us are aware, our hair is our signature. Short, long, curly, straight, no matter how we wear our hair, it is our personality and we want it to look it’s best at all times. In a very busy world we are all looking for a way to shorten up the routine, but anything worth having and looking good requires a little work.
1st: If you can, get up a little earlier in the morning. I know that earlier doesn’t seem shorter but in the long run you will feel more relaxed. So, get up a little earlier, put on the coffee pot, and jump in the shower. Using a good shampoo and conditioner, massage the head with warm water, don’t scrub! A hint for fine hair (but anyone can do): leave your conditioner in your hair at least 2 - 3 times a week, don’t rinse. It doesn’t have to be leave-in conditioner either, it can be what ever you are using in your shower right now. I use Dove.
2nd: Step out of the shower and dab yourself dry, don’t rub! (you should have exfoliated in the shower already). Leave some moisture on your skin and using what ever lotion is on hand begin at your feet and massage lotion onto your entire body. It will keep your muscles pliable, and you won’t even need Pilate’s.
Beauty on a budget
Hair care on a budget - Images: Iuriimaksymivphotos via Canva
Now, the final and best-kept secret in hair care products... Remember that can of shaving cream, the foam kind, that you have hidden in your bathroom cabinet because someone gave it to you for Christmas and you use the hot gel that practically takes the hair off on it’s own? Well, pull it out! That can of .75-cent foam shaving cream just became your new best friend for your hair. While your hair is still damp, depending on hair length, use appropriate amount.
I use a dollop for my short hair. If you want curly hair that day, just leave in and let dry naturally. At last minute, blow dry. If you want it to be straight and full, blow dry while hair is still damp. And if you just want the natural look, use the finger drying technique. This not only dries your hair to a wispy look, but keeps it soft and luxurious looking for days, not to mention the free workout for your upper arms...
So, to anyone out there on a budget these are a few things to try, right now, in your own home, with little or no cost to you, except for some of your time, to make you at least feel like Madonna or Jennifer Anniston.
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