Emma Watson Hairstyles

Emma Watson is a British actress and model, born April 15th, 1990. She is well known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.
  • Emma Watson
  • Emma Watson with her hair cut short
  • petite short hairstyle

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The young and, after Harry Potter, very rich actress shocked the world when she stepped out with a super short haircut. This unexpected hair change was a welcome surprise that catapulted her quickly on to even more pages of fashion and celebrity magazines and her very short and silky smooth haircut has been copied by many other actresses and of course uncountable fans.
The trendsetting Emma has a very delicate face and complexion and also looked wonderful with longer, wavy hairstyles that had some volume along the sides and also more textured and choppy versions in a medium length.
Her super short hairstyle is so alluring since it underlines her vulnerable and fragile looks, but also brings out a strong headed feistiness and confidence. With her colors Emma likes to keep a natural palette and is mostly seen with her natural dark blonde.
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