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Short Hair and Lesbians

Q: I told my best friend that I plan to cut my hair short. She said that short hair is for lesbians. Is that true?
A: Of course not. You're friend obviously has a prejudice against short hair and is trying to push her opinions on you. Women of all walks of life have chosen short hair at some time or another in their lives.
Halle Berry, Natalie Cole, Michelle Williams, Pink, Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, and countless other women have all chosen to wear their hair very short at some point. I haven't heard from any source that any of these women are lesbians. So your friend's theory has some serious flaws.
girl with short hair wearing a white shirt

Short hair is for the woman who wants her hair easier-to-manage, faster to maintain and style, and who basically LIKES shorter hair. To attempt to claim that a haircut indicates or is limited to someone of a specific sexual orientation is rather asinine. Besides, how short does the hair have to be to be a lesbian haircut?
Should Rosie O'Donnell cut her shoulder-length hair to be more in line with lesbianism? Is Ellen Degeneres' hair the perfect length for a lesbian haircut? See, when you look at it from that perspective, it sounds even more ridiculous, right?
People are different - whether they are gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, asian, Hispanic, movie star, singer, housewife or career woman. How you choose to wear your hair is a very personal decision. So, if you want to go short, find a style that will flatter your face and go with it. And let anyone who speaks against it be damned.
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