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Lesbians and Short Hair

Q: I noticed that a lot of lesbians have short hair. Why?
A: Why does any woman wear her hair short? It's impossible to single out a specific demographic and speculate on why they seem to prefer a specific classification of hairstyle. I don't think that the fact of being a lesbian is the determining factor in the choice of hairstyle. Instead, I think it boils down to the individual's lifestyle, preferred activities and self-image.
rear view of a very short haircut

Personally, I know just as many lesbians whose hair is below the shoulders, as I know with hair cut above the ears. And I know quite a few straight women who really love their hair short and sassy.
It's probably better to mention the general benefits of short hair styles, rather than making generalizations about a specific group. On the whole, shorter hair is usually easier to maintain, uses less product and takes less time to style. Women who operate under tight schedules or wish to present a no-nonsense image often choose shorter hair styles for the convenience or the sharp, decisive image it provides.
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