Ellen DeGeneres Hairstyles

Ellen DeGeneres is an American Actress, television host and stand-up comedian, born January 26th, 1958.
  • Ellen DeGeneres

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Millions of fans love her feisty and sassy short haircut, which is as signature "Ellen" as her short dances at the beginning of each show. Ellen is all about energy, movement and fun, even when the going gets a bit tough.
Her short pixie has had a variety of appearances with longer top hair and different stylings from sporty and neat to a refreshingly punky touch with little textured spikes lifted up on top, while the sides were styled more snug and towards her face.
All hairstyles that have a lot of texture and bring attention to her bright blue eyes with playful, textured strands styled into her face, are a great choice for Ellen. Her color also matches her bubbly persona with its bright vanilla blond and platinum lights.
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