Pob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham pob haircut
Victoria Beckham - Photo: Sbukley/Shutterstock
Q: What is a “pob” hairstyle? I keep hearing this term, but I’m not sure what it really means.
A: Well, as if often the case in areas of fashion and style a new term comes into existence that doesn’t really represent a significant discovery. A prime example is the ‘new’ “Pob” hairstyle.
The “Pob” is merely a bob haircut/style that is currently being made popular by Victoria Beckham, who became famous as “Posh Spice” of “The Spice Girls” fame. “Posh” plus “Bob” equals “Pob”. It’s really as simple as that. Getting "pobbed" is getting a short angled bob hairstyle.
It’s not really surprising that this kind of etymology occurs. Often, names given to hairstyles emerge from the associations made with them. A prime example is “The Rachel” (named for the character played by Jennifer Anniston on NBC television’s “Friends” which made the style popular), which was a long razor-cut style.
There are also the “Dorothy Hamill” and the “Farrah Fawcett” styles which became popularized in the past because of their associations with notable and popular celebrities. The ‘Dorothy Hamill ‘Do’ was a wedge cut, while the long-layered, feathered style worn by Ms. Fawcett became known simply as “Farrah Hair”.
Victoria Beckham's hair cut in a short angled bob
Victoria Beckham - Photo: Sbukley/Shutterstock
Victoria Beckham's short graduated bob
Victoria Beckham - Photo: Sbukley/Shutterstock
Of course, the bob is neither new nor really retro in any way. It is more a classic style that has waxed and waned in popular culture over the generations. While it now refers to a mostly blunt cut short style, there are numerous variations that make it suited to many different women.
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