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Hairstyles for a square face

You have a square face if it is as long as it is wide. Typical for this face shape is a wide jaw and hairline.
Hairstyle for a square face
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With a square face shape you need short or medium length hairstyles. Curly and wavy styles will give some roundness around your face. Layers will soften your square face and height at the crown will make your face look longer. You definitely need height on top and should try to keep the sides narrow. Keep your forehead free to make your face look longer. Fullness at the temples and cheekbones will make the face look rounder. Try to cover the jaw line.
You should avoid long straight hairdos because these would accentuate your square jawbone. Also avoid centre parts and straight fringes. A classic chin length bob haircut won't look good either. You should avoid haircuts with straight lines. You'll need some layers or waves in it and it should end just above or just below the chin. Very short hairstyles will not look good with a square face.
Celebrities with a square face are Sandra Bullock, Isabella Rosellini, Demi Moore, Holly Marie Combs and Kristin Scott Thomas.
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