Boring Short Hair

Not boring short blonde hair and a striped turtleneck
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Q: Is short hair boring? I was ready to cut my hair pixie short but my sister claims that short hair is boring. How can I prove her wrong?
According to my hairdresser, I would look good with short hair, but I'm not sure anymore because of my sister's statement. Can you give me tips for non-boring short hair?

A: Any haircut, whether it's long or short, can be boring. Frankly, it's all about the styling. A good cut is the foundation of any great hairstyle, but it's the way you dress it up that gives it personality. The trick is knowing what your hair does best and working with those strengths.
If you have fine, straight hair, choose a short haircut that has a segment of length, such as the forelock or devil lock style where the top and fringe are left exaggeratedly long. You can then use a sculpting paste or texturizing balm to add some volume to the hair and give it a sexy "Tinkerbell" impish effect.
If you have a coarser, wavier type of hair, consider something more along the "gamine" short look. Gamine is a term that means "boy-like" and when used on women refers to an androgynous hairstyle, usually one that is VERY short all over. Then use a sculpting putty to create definition and control in the waves. Think Halle Berry at the 2003 Screen Actors' Guild Awards.
Finally, if you have curly hair, think of control and command. You can go ultra short along the side and leave a mop of curls at the top to fall and whip around. Just make sure to style them so that they stay clean and crisp and don't let your curls turn wooly or frizzed.
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