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Bob with Layers

Q: I have a bob, about 5cm below the ears. I don't like it and miss my long hair. Would it look better with layers, you think? Each hair is thin, but I have a lot of it. It is mainly straight, but wavy and curly under the surface hair. One reason why I don't like this bob is that it is really boring, and it makes me look much younger (I already look younger than I am).
A: It is impossible for me to say whether your hair would look better with layers, given that I cannot really assess the density and texture of your hair in order to make a qualified suggestion.
bob with layering
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However, you seem to be describing hair that is fine in texture, but dense, and such hair types are generally troublesome with most layered looks. Given that you say your hair has wave and curl below the surface level of hair, perhaps you should consider styling the hair with a little curl or perhaps getting a body wave (large-curl perm) in order to give it some volume and body.
At the very least, if you want to try some layering, I would suggest getting what is known as box layers where the hair style keeps a strong perimeter cutting line (as with the bob) but the interior of the hair is give some layers to allow you to style in some fullness and texture.
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