Hairstyle for a Flat Skull

Angled bob haircut with stacked layers
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Q: It's rather a silly question, and I'm not quite sure how to put it, but I'll try. The back of my skull is "flat". It actually goes straight down. So my hair looks kind of weird when it hangs down. I tried to hide it with a perm, but it turned out that my hair wasn't suited for it. So I ended up with frizzy, dry and damaged hair.
I tried short hair, but because I have a round face it also didn't work. Do you have any idea how to hide the fact that the back of my head is flat? I hope that this made any sense and that you can help me! Thank you in advance for your time. I'm pretty stressed about it!

A: Well, your hair does need some wave, and I also recommend that you use layering to add volume as well. These two elements will help you give an artificial "curve" to the back of your head.
You don't specify your hair current length or style, so I have to make some conservative assumptions. Presuming that your hair is long enough, I suggest an angled bob cut with "stacked" layers in the back of the head. The length of the hair at the face is at least two inches longer than the length at the back of the head. This will elongate your rounded face giving it a more oval appearance.
The stacked layers at the back of the head can be styled to maximize volume and "lift" giving fullness to the hair at the back of the head. You can accomplish this in a few different ways. You can either blow-dry the hair to maximize the fullness and volume, use a large-barreled curling iron to add curves and volume, or use hot rollers (or a classic wet roller set) to add curl and fullness.
An angled bob is not the only suitable solution as far as cuts are concerned. The key things to remember is that in order to elongate a round face, you want to add height on top of the head, keep the volume minimal on the sides, and have sufficient length in front to draw the eye vertically. For the back you want layers and volume, so that you can create a rounded appearance to mask the flatness and give the head a normal silhouette.
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