Flat Back of Head Hairstyle Suggestion

Hairstyle suggestion for a head with a flat back
Photo: Stockyimages/Shutterstock
Q: I have a really flat back of my head. I have trouble finding a cut that works and doesn’t look like a just got out of bed from sleeping on my back. Can you suggest a style?
If I ask a stylist, “What are you going to do about my flat head?”, what would be a good answer, so I can judge if they know what they are talking about?

A: Well, without seeing you and being able to make a full evaluation of your head shape and the condition, texture and wave pattern of your hair, I can’t really suggest a hairstyle for you. However, I can recommend that you look into a layered style that features some curl to create the contour you are lacking at the back of your head.
As for the question of what you should expect to hear from your stylist, if you ask them what they plan to do about your needs, you should expect to hear them tell you some action they intend to take to create some shape and contour for the back of your head.
The only time I would be overly concerned is if you feel the stylist is ignoring or belittling your concerns by saying things like “Oh, I’ll take care of that”, or “I know how to handle this” without explaining what they mean.
The important thing is to remember that a stylist will generally not be in place at a salon without being trained and licensed by the state board or agency in your area. That being said, the key to good service is communication, and you want a stylist who is communicative and can (and WILL) tell you what he or she intends to do at any given time.
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