Fullness with Stacked Bob or Wedge Cut

Curly angled bob or stacked bob
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Q: My hair is naturally fine and straight, but I prefer the short curly look with a lot of fullness in the back. The more the better! I've been perming my hair and getting a layered cut for about a year, but it still looks kind of flat in the back.
What is the difference between an A-line cut, a stacked bob, and a wedge cut? Which one would make my hair look fuller in the back without cutting off the curls?

A: First of all, all these cuts are similar in that they are shorter styles and are generally blunt cuts. As for specific differences, below are the descriptions of the cuts in question.
A-line Cut: The A-line cut is a bob haircut that is generally cut longer in front and shorter in back creating an angled line toward the chin. The cut is most ideally suited to straight hair types.
Stacked Bob: The stacked bob is generally shorter in length and usually has an angled line as well. The key difference is that the hair in back is layered to create a "stacked" effect which allows the hair to be styled with more fullness in that area, The cut is excellent for hair types that are mostly straight with added body.
Wedge Cut: The wedge cut is so named because of the shape into which the hair is cut. The hair is cut so as to create a weight line and allow fullness to be built up in targeted areas, depending on the length and angles of the cut.
For your specific situation, you will likely want to use either a stacked bob, or wedge cut, since these will allow you to better control the shape and amount of volume created in the cut. The specifics of the cut will have to be determined by the needs you have - specifically the amount and size of the curls you have, as well as the overall silhouette you desire.
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