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10 tips for choosing the best sunglasses
There is a model for every taste and every style. We put together 10 tips for you so that nothing can go wrong.
How to find the right glasses
The search for the perfect glasses can be just as much fun as the search for the ideal outfit. One thing is certain: there is a perfect solution available for every individual and every style.
How to soften a leather belt
A leather belt is an expensive investment in your lifestyle and a way to make an emphatic statement about your fashion sense and style. Therefore it becomes a matter of utmost importance that you take proper care of your leather belt just like you would do to any other premium investment of yours.
How to use accessories to dress elegantly
Being elegant is never out of style and while some of us are happy with our street style, many of us wish we could pull off that understated elegance look as well as some movie stars and society ladies do.
How to tie a tie
Illustrated instructions on how to tie a tie in a simple or double knot.
How to wear a belt
Belts are one of the most used and most fashionable accessories, available widely and at reasonable prices. They add spice and glamour to your outfit and can accentuate the best bits of your figure.
Neckties for trendy women
The tie has become a part of women's fashion and actually a lady wearing a tie can look simply stunning. You might need some self-confidence to wear this mannish attire but you will be amazed at the spice it will add to your look.
Tips for getting a tattoo
Tattoos can make you look cute, sexy, trendy, and tough. Many people even commemorate special events and loved ones through tattoos.
Top tips to buy a purse
From fun bags to stylish and luxurious hand bags there’s a plethora of choices that await you. Important thing is to match the purse with your outfit, occasion and even the body type.
5 new ways to wear a scarf
As all you fashion conscious women would know, scarves are a must to complete your fashion accessory list. Here are five new ways to wear a scarf