Top Tips to Buy a Purse

Fashion purses and handbags
Purses by Oliver Bonas
It's not surprising how many men think that a purse is nothing more than a sack where the ladies keep all their junk. Pity their ignorance and don't let yourself be fooled by it. For any fashionista worth her fashion sense, the purse is as inextricably attached to her looks as her outfit itself.
Not only that, an innocent looking purse could have some inexplicable mysterious powers that would completely alter your looks. From fun bags to stylish and luxurious hand bags there's a plethora of choices that await you. Important thing is to match the purse with your outfit, occasion and even the body type.
Some popular shapes of purses
• Tote - A strapped open shaped bag.
• Hobo bag - A shoulder bag which is normally crescent-shaped.
• Clutch - It could either be a small handheld or slightly larger tucked under arm.
• Satchel - A larger handheld bag.
• Messenger- A shoulder bag with long straps generally worn across the body.
• Pouch - A small bag.
These are just a few popular ones out of the many commonly available ones.
What keep in mind before you buy a purse?
The occasion
• Are you buying the purse for a particular occasion or is it for normal everyday use, or maybe it is for office.
• In general styles meant for work should be nothing flashy, more on the practical and efficient side.
• Whereas the ones meant for evening occasions should be elegant, stylish types.
• For a night out at pub or disco something small, trendy or flashy could be appropriate, depending on the outfit you are wearing.
The color
• Black, brown and grey are some of the universal colors for a purse and can go well with most outfits.
• However, if you want to experiment try adding a splash of colors to your bag and it might just jazz up your look.
• On the other hand, bright colored bags like in red could break the monotony of your monochromatic dress.
The size
• What purpose will your bag serve? Is it just a fashion accessory or does it have functional use?
• If you have lots of stuff to tale care of, then its better to go for a bigger hand bag.
• Also, the shape and size of the purse would depend on your own shape and size,
to be explained later.
• You can find a purse for anything from $15 to 150,000! So decide your budget first before you go on the bag hunting.
• In general, think of the purse as a long term investment, if you spend slightly more now, it is likely to last longer than the cheaper ones.
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